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Wii ROMs

Download Free Nintendo Wii ROMs / Wii ISO Torrents.

Nintendo Wii Emulator is based on the older Game Cube emulator Dolphin code. And in the latest scene news I heard that Wii Emulator for Mac is being devolped by the Team Doplhin. We are sure to be running Wii emulated games at full speed long before Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games are playable at decent speeds on PC / Windows 7 or Mac OS X.


PlayStation 3 anti-piracy copy protection has finaly been cracked by PSJailbreak and many more USB PS3 Jailbreak clone chips that enable Sony PlayStation 3 users to backup and load games from internal or external USB Hard Drive using a Backup Mnager. More about PS Jaibreak and PS3 Chips


unlock wii for homebrew softmod
Softmod tools for easy hacking of Wii without opening or installing a modchip - Unlock Wii Now »

GameBoy Color - GB DX

Released in November 1998, the GameBoy Color (also referred to as GBC and GBDX) added a color LCD - liquid crystal diode screen to a form factor slightly larger than the GameBoy Pocket. GBC also has double the Z80 processor speed, twice as much memory, and an IR (infrared) communications port. Technologically, it was likened to the 8-bit Nintendo NES from the 1980s.

gameboy DX GBA major draw of the GameBoy Color DX was its backward compatibility that is, a GBC (also known as GB DX) is able to play all older GameBoy and GameBoy Pocket cartridges and even run them in selectable color. This feature worked for almost every GB game: the most notable exception being the Galaga/Galaxian game for the original GameBoy in which some of the sound effects were missing or garbled. This backwards compatibility became a major feature of the GameBoy line from Pocket to Advance and DS Lite, since it allowed each new launch to begin with a significantly larger library than any of its competitors. Gameboy Advance is compatible with GB and GBC games and Nintendo DS and NDS Lite when it came out was compatible with GBA games. One exception to this Nintendo policy is GAMEBOY micro which can only play Advance games and not GB or GBC titles, but older games can be emulated on a GBA Flash Cards like G6 Flash, SuperCard, EZ-Flash, NeoFlash etc.

My Favorites On-Line Places

GAME BOY : Gameboy COLOR : NES : Super NES : Gameboy Advance : GBA : Super Nintendo : N64 : GAMEBOY micro : Nintendo64 : SNES : Nintendo DS : NDS Lite : Nintendo Wii games, emulation and roms. 

 Gameboy Emulator - GBA GBC GB play roms on PC, Mac OS X and Linux and even Nintendo DS.

 GBCemu - GBC emulator with multiplayer suport! Trade Pokemons like in TDB Dual 7 English version download.

 Gameboy Micro - GBM games, Backup tools, Accessories and Games.

  Nintendo Wii Roms -  Wii & Nintndo DS roms for free, nintndo 64 mario roms download emulator for nintndo games for nintndo DS. cheats an codes nintndo wii cheats an cods topgun wii.

 GBA & NDS Flash Cards - SuperCard Mini SD,  Max Media Dock, EZ Flash IV,  Brakken's NeoFlash MK3,  M3 Mini SD & PassCard v2,  Max Media Launcher,  M3 SD X,  CelShader's NeoFlash MK3,  M3 Perfect SD,  M3 Perfect CF,  NeoFlash MK2,  NeoFlash Magic Kit,  G6 Generation 3,  SuperCard SD,  NeoFlash 2005 Competition. Stat.

  Nintendo Wii Virtual Console - Nintendo Wii emulator roms games for free. Ninendo DS competitors ninendo DS emulator downloads. 
 Nintendo Wii Remotes - WiiMote Nintendo Wii Remote , Classic Controller, Zaper and GC gamepads.- connect Wiimote to PC for emulation.
Top Games we expect ton Wii Virtual Console.

5 Super Mario Bros. DX (V1.1) 19225 3 Metal Gear Solid 19645 4 Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (V1.2)6 Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Duel Stories II.
- GBX emu history
Duel Monsters gbc rom 2 Pokemon Yellow 25042 7 Grand Theft Auto 17869 8 YuGiOh! - Capsule 17331 9 Pokemon Trading Card Game 13714 10 Sonic 7 (Unl) 12256 11 Donkey Kong 5 [C][b1].zip 11807 42 Final Fantasy 4 (Unl) (Chinese).zip 43 Rayman 8010 gbcemu.
 - Cell phone emulated games.


Sonic 6 rom (Unl).zip 8902 31 Beat Mania GB 8828 32 Warioland 2 8789 33 Heroes of Might and Magic (M3) 8711 34 Metal Gear - Ghost Babel 8493 35 Harvest Moon GB 8417 12 Mario Golf  13 Tomb Raider gbc rom(M5) 11108 14 Donkey Kong GB - Dinky Kong and Dixie Kong 15 Worms Armageddon (M6) 10651 16 X-Men - Mutant Academy 10558 17 10-Pin Bowling 10353 18 Street Fighter Alpha 10156. Review D2CKey ModChip for Ninteno Wii consoles with the new D2C chipset. 


Super Mario Roms Emulators

street fighter rom
super mario 3 snes rom
sonic gameboy rom
super mario roms
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Chips and Mods for the latest consoles

  Wii ModChips -  Add a mod-chip to wii and play backup GameCube games from DVD-R. Use free emulators instead of Virtual Console to play nes and snes roms that you already have downloaded from the internet. Copy Wii games and play backup isos from DVD-RW by modding your Wii with a ModChip.

  Nintendo Wii Emulators - Which parts of wii are emulated and what remains to be done. Virtual Console hacks and mods. Free Downloads of Nintendo Wii Emulators.

  Nintendo Wii Remotes - WiiMote Nintendo Wii Remote Mods, Classic Controller, Zaper and GC gamepads. Connect Wiimote to PC USB port for emulation. Use wii remote in PC games.

  GBXemu - Game Blog about Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance and GB Micro and Wii :)

  Wii Mod-Chips - WiiKey, D2CKey, CycloWiz and Wiinja compare Nintendo Wii Mod Chips.

Nintendo 3DS, DSi XL and Wii HD - news
Game backup tools - from NES and GAMEBOY to Wii and Nintendo DS roms games emulators hardware reviews and R4 chips and mods
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